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Don’t waste your time

Have you ever called some people only to discover that they quit the firm six months earlier? If you have, LeFAC is your guarantee that you won’t be accessing out of date information about your contacts. LeFAC has over 120,000 qualified contacts and follow-up details in an efficient on-line database, with real-time updates for the whole of Europe… The LeFAC service is your trusted partner -providing you with premium, reliable information about advertisers, media, agencies, brands and spend across Europe !

Focus on results

Aloha, provides first class sales management. The key to effective sales management is having end-to-end control, from design, planning management and information distribution through to key performance indicators. Aloha is a multi-purpose tool that does it all. A world-class application for the media and communication business, Aloha simplifies, optimises and enhances your teamwork… As an industry-based CRM, Aloha is an effective management tool, coupled to the LeFAC database, bringing you the benefits of a specialist CRM solution, with the flexibility that can be tailored to your specific profile. In all – simplicity.

Keep your data intact

Who can guarantee that sales information input will remain intact? Multiple entries into different applications, no coherence check or validation… the sources of errors are many and can hit your company hard. AdResa is a unique tool encompassing all media (print, radio, TV, web) and your sales and marketing chain, from quotation through to billing. Once entered, an item is safe from corruption by those using it. In tandem with Aloha for contact and sales activity management, AdResa, gives you security AND performance.

Communication marketing

Communication marketing

Communication marketing


Communication marketing

Printer routers

Tools for success

Information changes fast and because following, updating, exploiting and sharing it is a full-time job that requires expert skills, you need LeFAC. To get the most out of LeFAC content, use ACTIVE MAILER, a professional emailing solution offering top performance and total flexibility of use. ACTIVE MAILER adapts easily and quickly to your needs and requirements at each step of the process: contact management, message creation, routing and detailed reporting analytics.

Online subscription management

AboWeb is the leading subscription management application for press publishers.
It combines power, reliability and expertise, bringing all the tools needed to harness new techniques for managing subscriptions.
With AboWeb, your online store is directly connected and you benefit from user-friendly web services that are core to efficient management and well-built sales offers: email notices for subscription renewals, self-managed subscriber accounts (bills, online payment…).

Become postman-friendly

No more problems with routing management! GesTri is unique tool bringing you all the solutions and procedures for easy management of your bulk mail. GesTri ensures that your routing preparation fully complies with the postal standards in force… which means you can make and keep your commitments on quality, costs and delivery time. For even more flexibility and performance, an online routing solution offers you choice and freedom for your postal operations, for press and Destineo!

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