Our R&D program :

Forecasting Web audience

TBS GROUP has partnered with INRIA to give the advertising market a website audience forecasting tool.

The main thrust of the project includes :

The possibility of integrating and combining different kinds of histories(audiences for Xiti-type sites, ad impressions via Ad Servers) site by site, section by section.

A user interface allowing integration of external data, which makes it easier to correlate histories (holiday calendar, current events, the site’s editorial planning...).

The possibility for the user to underweight or overweight certain periods in line with his/her knowledge of the business.

A robust algorithm that forecasts audiencesand thus the “stock” of available ad impressions, taking account of the interrelation between the different sections of each site.

Predictive accounting of Web-specific buzzes that amplify audience variations.

A self-learning function that measures forecasting errors compared to actuals.

Integration of impression volumes already sold (optional or firm) and which will decrease available stock.

Table or graph display of audience forecastsand available stock by site and by section over a given period.

Possible call from market software (Ad Servers, TBS’s WebResa...), all natively equipped with a Web user interface. This interface should be based on Web 2.0 technology, allowing throughput of input parameters (site, section, period…) and output parameters (total stock available...).

Weather forecasting for Web pages :

Jérémie Mary is a very savvy person who always plays down his knowledge and has a mile-long CV. He also likes games of chance, but does his utmost to prove that there is no such thing as chance. Maths is his lethal weapon. For this doctor in information technology, a lecturer at Lille University and researcher at INRIA*, the real world is an equation no matter how many unknowns it may hold.

He sees maths as a marvellous adventure playground made of algorithms and one-armed bandits, where bird ‘flu somehow connects up with the DSK affair.

Jeremy Mary remains very cautious about his research, which is classified as confidential, but is very chatty when explaining the broad lines to a non-specialist. “The purpose is to find a regularity in the form of things and the Web provides us with such a mass of data that show trends, movements, and which make sense.”

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